Eliza should have been at the university by now. She should have been at a trade or finishing school. She should have been entertaining marriage proposals. She should be doing more with her life, instead of living at home and working the family farm. Every time she would think on what she wanted to do with her life, she would look across the fields to where her friend Raima sat. What can you do with your life when you feel responsible for a griffin?

Eliza felt certain that this was all the more her life would be. That is, until a brass puzzle ball is found in a ship’s wreckage. A puzzle ball that gives a hint to finding a fabled inventor’s treasure. Eliza, Raima and her friend Aden must decide whether this is just a child’s toy or indeed can lead to the inventor’s tomb. Having nothing to lose they embark on a treasure hunt,  but will they find what they are looking for?

Griffin Rider is a fantasy / steampunk novel and is appropriate for most ages.

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July 11th 1932 will be a date forever engraved in the memories of the residents of Paragon City. It was the day super powers collided in the streets of the Steel Caynon district. No one knew what led to the events of that day, but some have come close to the truth of it.

Gangsters seeking control of the city… a mastermind, with his mechanized army, seeking control of the world… the super heroes determined to regain control.  All of them clash one fateful Monday Morning. A battle now known as Brass Monday. Within the Brass Web tells the story of what led up to this event, that forever changed Paragon City and the world.

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Sophia Merrill worked for her dream company; she just hadn’t planned on it being as a security guard. It did afford her time to finish her master’s degree, and it paid good money for minimal work. Most nights were a routine of pulling on locked doors and studying for her classes. Until the night that something broke out of one of the labs and she has to hunt it down. What she hadn’t planned on was an accident that would turn her world upside down. She awoke to find herself transported back in time but she didn’t end up there alone. Now she has to continue the hunt for a dangerous creature in a time that doesn’t have the weapons capable of killing it. If she builds what she needs she could change time forever, but letting the creature live might be just as bad.

A sci-fi, time traveling, steampunk, monster hunting romantic adventure. Written for the 2011 NaNo WriMo challenge.

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  1. Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

    • Moonlyte says:

      Glad you like it. It is called MT Dark by Tomasz Mazur. If you search it, you can find several sites to download it from.

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