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On your mark…

Here we are, once again, approaching November at life’s fast pace. For the third year I’ll be trying to complete the Nano Wrimo challenge. (National novel writing month) The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I completed it last year, and from that came my book “Within the Brass Web”. This year I am actually… (more…)

You’re only as good as…

“You’re only as good as your last book written.” That is the phrase I’ve heard many author friends say. It seems to be a mantra for authors that write for a living. In my limited, but ever-expanding view of the writing world, I took it to mean, you have to keep writing, keep putting your stories out there for people to read.… (more…)

My Shadow

As my son enters into his tween years, I’ve noticed more and more that the things I like to do, he also likes. Which is pretty cool in some ways, and really scary in others. I want to say my wife makes me be a better man, but that is nothing in comparison to what my son makes me want… (more…)

The Book Store

I was in a large chain book store the other day. As I always do, I looked around for some others author’s books. I was amazed or amused, that I found several books in the “new” section that I know have been out since last summer. Now I’m glad my friends are still on the shelf, but what happened to… (more…)

Enough talk already.

Well for better or worse, it’s time to let this book fly on its own. I can write all day and edit even longer but at some point I need to let be done. I know I’m a beginning author, but I really think this is a great effort. Still, there is more to learn and room to grow. I’ve… (more…)