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I’ve been distracted lately. Just a lot of little things in life have been jumping out of nowhere to take me down rabbit trails. I literally woke up one day and realized how much time I’ve lost because of it. Griffin Rider II is a mess in editing. The Core, my superhero novellas are in disarray and are in need… (more…)

Backing up your life.

I learned the hard way to always backup my computer. People ask me if I went to school for computers because I seem to know what I’m doing. When I was in school, we were thrilled to get a brand new MacIntosh Apple computer. (Yeah, I’m that old.) No my experience comes from the school of self repair. Crash the… (more…)

A new year

Here it is a New Year of writing possibilities and I’m lacking motivation. I completed my November writing challenge but I didn’t like the way it ended. My concept for The Core was a series of short stories featuring several different characters working on what appeared to be unrelated circumstances. Behind the scenes though, ran a common thread that began… (more…)