It took only 30 days to write as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge or NaNa WriMo as its affectionately know as. But almost a year to edit. Well to be honest, I was pretty lazy about it for awhile. It is finally completed and I’m happy with the way it turned out… even if it has… (more…)

Hanging up the Cape

August 31, 2012 marks an end of an era in MMO history, as NC Soft closed down Paragon Studies and plans to end City of Heroes by the end of the year. I joined the game July 4th. 2004. A huge comic book fan, I couldn’t wait to play a super hero myself. My first Character was Stormax, and is… (more…)

Superhero fun

Most of my friends know that I’m a comic book fan, and long time player of City of Heroes MMORPG online game and I’m also an advid reader. I started writing fan fiction for my CoH friends before moving on to fantasy. So I have a special fondness for good superhero stories. So when I come across stories I like… (more…)

End of Year…

A lot has happened since I tackled NaNo WriMo in November. First I did complete not one but 2 books in November. The first was for NaNo Wrimo (I just started to edit it.) and the second was the completion of book 2 for Griffin Rider. All of that and I finished before Thanksgiving. That turned out to be a… (more…)


Well it’s actually Oct. 30 as I post this. November is only 2 days away and the start of the Nano Wrimo challenge begins again. The only problem is I had wanted to put book #2 of Griffin Rider to bed by then. I have maybe 2 chapters to go to where I would be satisfied (at least until editing)… (more…)