My new attitude for the new year actually started in November of 2013. For those that know me, I love doing the Nano WriMo challenge. (50k word novel in 30 days) The challenge started off normally and they my furnace started acting up. I lost a week and a half battling the monster in the basement. (My family compared me to… (more…)

Don’t call a Rabbit a Smurf

Awhile back I attended a writing seminar at Balticon. The speaker was the Mightly Mur Lafferty. Author of Playing for Keeps, the Afterlife Series and now The Shambling Guide to New York City, she is best known for her Science Fiction and Fantasy stories.  She has been writing for awhile now and is one of the best examples of how self-publishing… (more…)


I’ve been distracted lately. Just a lot of little things in life have been jumping out of nowhere to take me down rabbit trails. I literally woke up one day and realized how much time I’ve lost because of it. Griffin Rider II is a mess in editing. The Core, my superhero novellas are in disarray and are in need… (more…)

Backing up your life.

I learned the hard way to always backup my computer. People ask me if I went to school for computers because I seem to know what I’m doing. When I was in school, we were thrilled to get a brand new MacIntosh Apple computer. (Yeah, I’m that old.) No my experience comes from the school of self repair. Crash the… (more…)

A new year

Here it is a New Year of writing possibilities and I’m lacking motivation. I completed my November writing challenge but I didn’t like the way it ended. My concept for The Core was a series of short stories featuring several different characters working on what appeared to be unrelated circumstances. Behind the scenes though, ran a common thread that began… (more…)