About me:

About me:

I am a husband, father, online gamer, photographer, artist and I now a writer. I have to admit I am blessed with a wonderful wife who puts up with my hobbies. Of those hobbies, I think writing is the first one my wife has encouraged me to do. I know I surprised her when she read the first draft of the first couple chapters of Griffin Rider. Shoot, I surprised myself.

I graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Graphic Communications. Which helped me with artwork and photography, but did very little for writing. I work at a great job that has nothing to do with what I went to college for. I live in the foothills of the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania about an hour south of Pittsburgh.

About my writing:

I didn’t know I could write, until I joined a super group in the online game City of Heroes. Everyone wrote a biography for his or her super hero, for the team web site. A simple biography turned into a five-chapter short story. When completed everyone was messaging me with “What happens next?” That biography for an online game super hero became an 83,000-word adventure. I hope to rework that some day out of the copy write realm of NC Soft and into my own work. Several other fan fictions followed. That led me to unleashing my over active imagination on the general populace. Good luck confining it now. If anyone would have told me I could write five years ago, I would have laughed at them.

You may think that with “Moonlyte” I would be writing scary or horror books. Not so much, although I do have some ideas in the works. I really like fantasy stories best. They’re my first love as a reader, so it only makes sense that fantasy stories are what bounce around in my head. I like writing stories that I know anyone can read. Being a parent I know I worry about what my kids read and usually pre read books before them for age appropriate content. I don’t want to have to explain things before I have to.

About Moonlyte:

Moonlyte came about when I started creating my own artwork to post online. I’ve always thought I had an awesome last name (Thanks dad) and wanted to incorporate it into my work. I started with Moonlighting, as in working after hours, but that was pretty long. An old joke and a beer commercial helped with the process.

I’m a twin, so the joke with kids was that I was only a half moon, and my brother was the other half. Now bring in the first Bud Lite Commercials. Same great taste but only half the calories. (I’m showing my age.) But I liked the way they spelled “lite,” but swapped the “I” for a “Y”. Mystery solved

Brian Moon

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