My new attitude for the new year actually started in November of 2013. For those that know me, I love doing the Nano WriMo challenge. (50k word novel in 30 days) The challenge started off normally and they my furnace started acting up. I lost a week and a half battling the monster in the basement. (My family compared me to the father from the movie Christmas Story and his furnace battles. Without the swearing though… yelling yes, swearing no.)

I thought I was done, I had lost too many days to make up the lost time… or so I thought. I was listening to the soundtrak from The Mask of Zorro. Not the most action packed music, but it spoke to me at a different level. The final song from the credits has lyrics to it. So many lyrics reminded me of my previous Griffin Rider stories, but this one struck a nerve;

“Heroes rise heroes fall
Rise again, win it all
In your heart, can’t you feel the glory”

I was motivate, determined and insane enough to vow I was going to finish the challenge. I moved mountains of words in one weekend to write 18,000 words to jump over the finish line. Was the story done? Not by a long shot. I figure I need at least 30k more. What it did was gave me the drive to finish. That momentum has carried me through to the new year. So in 2014, I intend to let that drive carry me along to who knows how many words and stories will come out of 2014.

Keep writting my friends.

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