I’ve been distracted lately. Just a lot of little things in life have been jumping out of nowhere to take me down rabbit trails. I literally woke up one day and realized how much time I’ve lost because of it. Griffin Rider II is a mess in editing. The Core, my superhero novellas are in disarray and are in need of attention before I can get them edited. Griffin Rider III and some side novels to the Griffin Rider universe are just a pile of notes and scattered paragraphs. This doesn’t bother me so much as the thought of what happened? How did I get so far away from the one thing I love to do? These story ideas are just filling my head, and I haven’t been taking advantage of them.

Every class I’ve ever taken, every podcast I’ve listened to, all say the same thing; you have to write intentionally. I guess that lesson didn’t sink in, but I understand now what happens if you don’t. So I’m setting time aside daily, its on the calendar so that the entire family knows I will be writing/ editing for an hour and not to bug me. I figure I’ll alternate writing one day editing the next. Nothing on Sundays, that’s family day. Part of this is to start using my website more. I won’t go so far as to say I’ll be blogging, but it’ll be updated a lot more regularly. So until the next update, put your fingers to the keyboard and get writing.

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