Backing up your life.

I learned the hard way to always backup my computer. People ask me if I went to school for computers because I seem to know what I’m doing. When I was in school, we were thrilled to get a brand new MacIntosh Apple computer. (Yeah, I’m that old.) No my experience comes from the school of self repair. Crash the computer, reprogram the compter. I’ve done it more times than I can to remember.

Once my program size grew to over 400 gigabites of storage space, I went to an external backup system. The one thing you can count on a computer doing is crashing. Blue screen of death, or black screen of nothingness… it will happen at some point. Now I figured I had myself covered with the external hard drive backup… Until it died last month. No big deal, I’d just wait for my tax refund check and purchase a new one… Then the unthinkable happened… The black screen of nothingness. (Insert ominous discorded music here.) Now a black screen can be caused by a LOT of things, from a bad video card or broken monitor to your keyboard isn’t plugged in right… Trouble shooting is insanely tough.

Here’s were backuping your work is important. I always back up ALL of my writing onto seperate USB flash drives. I keep one with me at all times. (You never know when a story idea might strike.) This saved me in this pc crash, because I didn’t lose one word or edit. My stories will continue while I figure out my computer’s problem. You have to become obsessed with backing up your work. Because you know, your computer will crash someday. Trust me on this one, backup your work onto multiple drives daily. It will save you a major headache later.

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