A new year

Here it is a New Year of writing possibilities and I’m lacking motivation. I completed my November writing challenge but I didn’t like the way it ended. My concept for The Core was a series of short stories featuring several different characters working on what appeared to be unrelated circumstances. Behind the scenes though, ran a common thread that began to build towards the end. It was meant as a prelude to a much larger story but introducing the characters and their backgrounds in a focused story.

By the time I finished it was miserable and I was just happy I was done. I can’t describe to you the mental exhaustion that writing something at that pace brings. I top of that, my editor sent back the second book of the Griffin Rider series, unhappy. In her words the whole thing was flat. What I thought were cliffs and valleys to overcome, she read them more like bumps and dips when compared to book 1.

So… now that I’m back in the writing mood I have one book to energize and another to… well it needs something. In both cases it’s time to get back to what I enjoy.

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