Hanging up the Cape

August 31, 2012 marks an end of an era in MMO history, as NC Soft closed down Paragon Studies and plans to end City of Heroes by the end of the year. I joined the game July 4th. 2004. A huge comic book fan, I couldn’t wait to play a super hero myself. My first Character was Stormax, and is still my favorite to this day. A defender class hero, he had weather powers with electrical manipulation. What made City of Heroes unique were the players, always willing to help, team up, or just hang out. I’ve played enough MMOs that I can tell you, no other game has the same type of players. We’re loyal to lore, expect quality over quantity content, and will voice our opinions if you try to mess with our world.  I’ve found a number of real life friends from this game. I’ve seen real life romances develop and even a few in game marriages actually arranged. It has to be one of the few MMOs that had a strong female population. In the  groups that I hung around with were married couples and even a few complete families. How unique is that? A complete family finding a game that they all wanted to share together.

That being said, there is another reason I hold this game near and dear to my heart. It was through this game and the encouragement of my friends, that started me writing. First as fan fiction for team sites, then came short stories and eventually to my full novel, Within the Brass Web. I can never express how much these people mean to me for believing in something that I didn’t see in myself. And then badgering me until I posted the next chapter. The only thing good about this end is that next year I can start posting some of these stories, as the copy right laws will no longer apply.

I’m going to miss the story arcs, the team-ups and the competitions. I’m going to miss my friends, (even though I see them all on face book, its not the same) and the stream of jokes and stories told in game. I have to thank everyone at Paragon Studies for 8 years of wonderful awesomeness and I hope they all find better things to move on to.

In the end though, we all knew, sooner of later, we would have to hang up our capes.

For now, Be Safe and Good Hunting.

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