Superhero fun

Most of my friends know that I’m a comic book fan, and long time player of City of Heroes MMORPG online game and I’m also an advid reader. I started writing fan fiction for my CoH friends before moving on to fantasy. So I have a special fondness for good superhero stories. So when I come across stories I like to pass them along. How do I determine if it’s a good superhero story? If it makes me want to write a superhero story of my own, then its a good story. I have a couple started, but nothing moving at the moment. Maybe once I get Griffin rider completed, I’ll go back to my roots.

So if you like superhero stories I really recommend:
Marion G. Harmon’s series Wearing the Cape available at Amazon. A fresh look at what being a superhero is really like. These were fast paced and fun books to read.

Mercedes Lackey’s Secret World Chronicle A free audio podcast series that I really enjoyed on my drive to and from work.

So if you like comics, then check out these stories. Break out that cape, its a bird, its a plane, its a superhero story.

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