End of Year…

A lot has happened since I tackled NaNo WriMo in November. First I did complete not one but 2 books in November. The first was for NaNo Wrimo (I just started to edit it.) and the second was the completion of book 2 for Griffin Rider. All of that and I finished before Thanksgiving. That turned out to be a good thing as Real Life reared its ugly head and the 3 weeks after Thanksgiving were a blur of sadness. That melted into December Holiday festivities and here we are. Once again on the eve of a New Year. Book 3 to Griffin Rider is already screaming to be let out, (Two chapters completed.) as well as 2 other stories have taken to text. For 2012 I hope to release at least book 2 and my NaNo novel, plus maybe a secret project will be launched.

I hope 2012 finds everyone healthy, happy, full of laughter, and good books to read.

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