Enough talk already.

Well for better or worse, it’s time to let this book fly on its own. I can write all day and edit even longer but at some point I need to let be done. I know I’m a beginning author, but I really think this is a great effort. Still, there is more to learn and room to grow. I’ve always excepted criticism with an open mind and I’m sure (even hoping) others will care enough to make comments. As author Mur Laffery (Heaven Series and Playing for Keeps) said in her workshop. “You have to have skin of bark and an iron will.”  In other words, good or bad, people will comment on my works but its the only way to grow as an author, if you don’t take it personally.

So enough talk already, the griffin is out in the wild. See my Stories page for a link(s) to where it can be found.

Thank you kind supporters.

1 Responses to Enough talk already.

  1. Mary Kay says:

    Hi Brian, Congrats on publishing a book! That is awesome. but I don’t have a kindle…yet. Keep writing, I’ll catch up eventually.
    Mary Kay